How long is each charter?

Approximately 2.5 hours, passengers need to be onsite 15 mins before departure, if running late please contact us.

How do you accept payment?

By using our online “BOOK NOW” button.

Do infants & children count as a passenger?
Where are you located?
We are located at Bay Point Marina, East Beach, Norfolk, VA.
At the Bay Point Marina.
Where do you sail?
Mouth of the Chesapeake Bay and between Chic’s Beach and Ocean View.
How many people?
Maximum of 6 people per US Coast Guard Regulations
Can I bring my own food/drinks/alcohol?
Beer, white wine, etc. is allowed. No red wine as it stains the decks. Please ask us if you are unsure.
Do you have food and drinks available for purchase on board?
No, but we do provide catering options.
What should I wear?
Spring and Fall: Layered clothing and a light jacket. Summertime: Light clothes, shorts, sunglasses, or a hat for the sun. We will ask you to leave your shoes at the dock. Please no spray sunscreen.
Do you provide life jackets?
Yes, we have life jackets for all ages/sizes. A life jacket is not a requirement to wear for ages 5 years and older. Children 5 years and younger are required to wear a life jacket.
Why might my sail be cancelled?
The most common reason a sail is cancelled is due to poor weather conditions that would make sailing uncomfortable and/or dangerous. We never enjoy canceling a sail, but if we must, we will call to inform our guests. We also encourage guests to call ahead the day of their sail to confirm their reservation and verify conditions. If this were to happen, we would reschedule your cruise.
What happens if it rains during my sail?
Sailors often get wet when they sail. We have a covered area onboard, but also encourage you to bring a poncho or rain jacket if it is forecasted to rain. If there is lightening, we will cancel the sail or head back.
Can I propose to my sweetie during the sail?
Absolutely, please let the captain know of any special occasion in advance.
Do you have a bathroom onboard?
Do you offer Gift Certificates?
Should I tip the captain and crew?
Yes. They work for tips. Typical tip is 18-25% of your charter.
Can we swim from the boat?
Yes, please notify Captain in advance.
One of my guests are sensitive to sun.
That’s okay! Freckled Parrot has ample covered seating providing protection from the elements.
Woman on boat